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A great site for looking up products and a great opportunity to start your own business.
Something to consider. I visited the site and liked it. The sponsors were really professional and respectful. I appreciate great customer service and here, I received it. There is a great tool on the site, “Ribbon” and it allows you to buy things in the catalogs and to give gift cards with a limit for people to use the catalogs to purchase things. Ask them how it works. It’s pretty self-explanatory though. Great business opportunity. Great customer service. Great discounts and it has everything you need.

I ran across these pretty well-designed business cards at a gas station. Felt like I received the golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

Baring the Female Breasts: Beyond Objectification

A beautiful read

Stories From the Belly

There is so much more to a woman’s relationship to her breasts than meets the naked eye. In this post, I am thrilled to have two of my favorite bloggers, KS of Kosher Adobo and Jennifer Berney of Goodnight Already, joining me as we pay homage to this most famous of feminine body parts. Two Tahitian Women by Paul Gauguin
Two Tahitian Women by Paul Gauguin


I am a junior in boarding school. Behind me is a “Save Sex” poster and a perfume ad: “Femme Fatale: When the female of the species is more dangerous than the male.” It’s the night before the first day of school. I am tugging on the neck of my shirt, admiring my bra strap. Every bra I owned just a year before was white or beige, looking more like bandages for my then AA breasts. But this 36B brassiere, red and lined with lace, which I bought…

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Love, Despite

2good2passup Love despite, and not because

Tell It Slant Mama

 Before I married my husband, I told him to make sure that he was marrying me for who I was that day, and not for any future changes he hoped to have wrought in me through the “transforming” power of marriage. Though we were both young, I had seen enough unhappy marriages to make me wary of the institution, and who wants to be institutionalized, really?  I had no question that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, but I wanted us to start off with as little illusion as possible.  I wanted to know that he saw me, and not some airbrushed version of a girl to be placed on a pedestal.  It is easy to fall in love if you believe all the fairy tales and movies.  Beautiful women with flowing hair and flawless skin meet muscled men with pure hearts and chivalrous intentions and they ride off to his manor with servants aplenty…

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New Music and Movies


Sooooooooooooooooo, that new Kendrick Lamar came out lastnight. All I have been hearing today was, “How to pimp a butterfly”….”Hood politics” …etc. That’s ALL. I have listened to the album and I think it is a lot better than some of the BULL that has been in rotation on the radios lately. Thank you KL. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I don’t know about you all, but I am tired of hearing about how “too late” (reference to Drake’s “If you’re reading this it’s too late” project). It’s an okay project, don’t get me wrong,but now EVERYONE and their mama has “Woes” that they’re “running through the 6ix” with and whatnot. Give me a break.

The project is pretty cool and was unexpected (yes, he pulled a Beyonce ..I guess) but hey…it was pretty good. I just need a break from everyone and their six(es) because I don’t wanna bump into one of them while they’re doing what they do.


Focus: Whew. What a nice movie. So many twists. . .It was nice(I don’t think Will Smith ages at all). Great acting, I have not watched a movie where he disappoints in his role. He always masters the part. I love it.

The Duff: Lol. It was a funny movie. It was kind of predictable though. If you like movies like that. Basically, every crew has a “Duff”…who’s yours?

Tinkerbell and the legend of the Neverbeast: Great movie for the little ones. It will keep their attention (some adults too). It kept mine (as long as I was able to eat my ice cream while watching). I am a huge Tinkerbell fan, so this was a nice movie to watch and talk about with the kiddos.

Paddington: Straight out of a storybook. Ask your parents or grandparents if they’ve read the story or know of the bear. Chances are, they have and they do. This character was first introduced back in 1957 or earlier. Yeah, I just bet some older folks know of the bear. It was another great movie to watch with the little ones or have them watch alone. The bear helps them realize the importance and roles of family. Shows them that they should be appreciative and whatnot.

Well, that’s all for today. If there are any new movies or any new music (any genre) you’ve watched and/or listened to, please comment and let me know. I need to update my library. Happy Spring cleaning!!!!

Hello world!

Hello world!

I’m here to share thoughts and anything that comes to mind. Feel free to reblog, comment and message me on anything. Be kind, this is my first blogsite and I’m only here to share thoughts. I’ll be talking about things that happen in my life, daily observations, random thoughts, new beginnings, ANYTHING.

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Imagine Dragons
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